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Professional services for residents & visitors. Immigration, Taxes, Billing, Insurance, Translations, Permits, Legal & Concessions.

Real Estate

Beautiful ready to move in vacation homes, Ocean Front & Desert Lots ready to begin construction of your dream vacation home.

Vacation Rentals

Ocean Front Lodgings for short or long term visits with all the amenities you could need for the ideal Baja vacation.

Bienvenidos a la Oficina

Whether you are a fulltime resident of San Juanico or visiting briefly, la Oficina is set up to ensure you ease whether it be in your lifestyle or during your stay. I spent most of my childhood in Todos Santos and studied International Business Studies in La Paz BCS and Seville Spain and uniquely qualifies me to facilitate all your business needs here in Mexico.

Working with associates in Ciudad Constitucion and La Paz or directly with municipal and government agencies we can take care of your legal needs from permits, impact studies, and land purchases to immigration.

When possible we pay bills in advance to take advantage of local discounts and we make sure other fees are payed on time so to avoid fines or other complications. We keep all receipts for your record and/or pass them onto your accountant in Mexico for business purposes.

We can help with procuring materials, setting up employee pay and seguro social making the construction process enjoyable and stress free.

I look forward to your questions and helping in any way I can.

Lic. Dana Luckey



  • Monthly Payment of services
  • Property Taxes
  • Fideicomiso
  • Insurance Setups
  • Translations
  • Legal Services
  • FM3, FM2, Working Permits
  • Import of belongings,vehicles,etc


  • Property surveying
  • Impact studies
  • Construction Permits


  • Monthly Payment of employees
  • Concessions
  • Conagua,PROFEPA
  • Seguro Social


  • Paypal, US & Mexican Banks for easy Payments


Monthly Payment of services
Monthly Payment of employees
Property Taxes
Property Taxes
Insurance Setups
Property surveying
Impact studies
Construction Permits
FM3, FM2, Working Permits
Legal Services
Seguro Social
Import of belongings,vehicles,etc

La Oficina Construction

Are you interested in building or developing your property in San Juanico?

We've had several positive experiences with Dana. Her local knowledge and contacts have helped us navigate the sometimes confusing Mexican laws and ways of doing things. She speaks fluent spanish and is almost always available to answer questions. Very gracious and accomodating. Highly recommended.
- Joel and Georgia Berti

About Dana & Alastair

Dana Luckey and Alastair Hilson established La Oficina in San Juanico in response to the growing needs of the expatriate community for property and paperwork services. Being a native of Baja California Sur and having Spanish as her mother tongue has placed Dana in an ideal position to act as a facilitator for the legal and paperwork issues involved in buying real estate, construction and property maintenance in San Juanico.

For those visiting San Juanico and then falling in love with this unique and beautiful place, there is now a full service option, from a trusted and up-to-date property listing service through the processing of paperwork, for those making the leap and purchasing real estate in Mexico.

Our vacation rentals are a great way to introduce people to the beauty and serenity you find in this undeveloped and still pristine part of the world. Year after year we watch as our repeat customers in the rental accommodations move onto their own property and set up a desert home. La Oficina is committed to assisting in any way possible with this process, whether on a brief trip to San Juanico or preparing for a more permanent stay, you are putting yourself in good safe hands with Dana, Alastair and Emilio.

I meet Dana 5 years ago, and was immediately impressed not only with her youth and charm, but also with Dana´s professionalism, and very apparent honesty and integrity.

A few years later she brought me some documents to start a “Fideicomiso” for one of her clients in San Juanico, I could see that she was personally overseeing all aspects of the paperwork in order to make sure that her client was very well represented. Then we did a second one, a third one, and soon she became my favorite person handling “Fidos” and Real Estate transactions in the Comondu area, not only for Americans, but for most of the local Mexican Nationals.

I am happy to say that Dana, Alastair and their son Emilio are my dear “Amigos” in San Juanico, and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Dana and her business “La Oficina” to anyone looking to buy or sell a property in the area, or have a need for any legal service in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

- Jose L. Gaytan
Attorney at Law
La Paz. B.C.S., C.P. 23000, Mexico.

More information about San Juanico and Directions

I built my dream house in San Juanico in 2008 and I needed someone to manage the property. I was introduced to Dana and Alastair and it was the best connection I could have hoped for. Dana and Alastair behave and operate with utmost integrity. They contracted reliable workers to complete my on-going project. They have been a constant source of reliable information and assistance. They are honest and helpful in every way and have always responded to my needs with prompt communication. I can't recommend them them highly enough. Circumstances don't allow for me to be there all the time and Dana and Alastair help me accomplish many tasks in my absense.
I only wish I had met them sooner.
- Seba Walker